Syros Landmarks

Syros Landmarks Municipality


Ermoupolis Town Hall is a building designed by Ernestos Ziller and built between 1875 and 1891 in the capital of

Syros Landmarks Capuchin Monastery

Capuchin Monastery Church

The Capuchin Monastery is located in Ano Syros and is dedicated to Saint John. It was founded in 1653 by

Syros Landmarks Cemetery

Orthodox Cemetery

The cemetery of Syros is reflecting the history and culture of the island of Syros in its exquisite mausoleums and

Syros Landmarks Lazareta


The Syros Purgatory was built in 1839 under the supervision of Wilhelm von Weiler. It was originally used as a

Syros Landmarks Ergatiko Kentro

Ergatiko Kentro

One of the most important well-preserved neoclassical buildings in our country. It has been classified as a monument and is

Syros Landmarks Panagia Kimisi

Panagia Koimisi

It was built in 1828 and is the second oldest church in Ermoupoli, after the Holy Metropolitan Church of the

Syros Landmarks Panagia Karmilou

Panagia Karmilou

Panagia Karmilou is a Catholic church in Ano Syros. It dates back to somewhere around 1640, as is also written

Syros Landmarks Mitropoli


The Holy Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior is an Orthodox church in Ermoupoli, Syros and seat of the

Syros Landmarks St. George

Saint George’s Cathedral

Saint George’s Cathedral is located in the town of Ano Syros, on the island of Syros, Greece. The church was built on top

Syros Landmarks Panagia Pakou

Panagia Pakou

The Catholic chapel of Agia Pakou dominates the top of Galissa hill. In order to visit the chapel, one has

Syros Landmarks Vila Komito

Villa Komito

Komito is a nice small beach near Poseidonia. Behind this beach lay the ruins of a very impressive villa, something

Syros Landmarks St. Michalis

St. Michalis

San Michalis or Ai Michalis is a small settlement located in the northern part of the island of Syros and in the wider area known as Apano