Food & Drink in Syros

Syros restaurants Kantina

Cantina Analogue

Artist-run and founded Aegean Grocery and Bistro in the centre of Ermoupolis, Syros Island, Greece.

Maison de meze Laoutari


Music..the color of the sound / Painting..the taste of color / Cuisine … the music of taste

Syros restaurants Plastico


Perfectly combined, art and coffee create a mutual exchange. Art, like coffee, needs to be enjoyed, lived, and experienced at

Syros restaurants Maison de meze

Maison de Meze

Maison de Meze is a small preparation and tasting room of traditional Greek products. It was founded in June 2014 in the Piazza

Syros restaurants Corner

The Corner Cafe

In the heart of historic Ermoupolis, on the Cycladic island of Syros in the Greek islands welcomes you to discover

Syros restaurants Mazi


A picturesque alley in the heart of Ermoupoli, next to the central Miaouli square, hides the cool and verdant garden