Syros Beaches

Posidonia fishing port

A small fishing port next to Agathopes beach.

Armeos beach

A nice beach for nudism next to Galissas. Going only on foot.

Fetouri beach

A small sandy beach between Agathopes and Boulgari (Voulgari).

Syros Beach Achladi

Achladi beach

Achladi is located at a distance of 8 km from Ermoupoli and is an ideal choice for families with small

Syros Beach Agathopes

Agathopes beach

The beach of Agathope is one of the busiest organized beaches of Syros, just 14 km from Ermoupoli. It has

Syros Beach Ampela

Ambela beach

Ambela beach is on the road to Poseidonia, about 1 km after the beach of Mega Gialos and 12.5 km

Azolimnos beach

Azolimnos beach is an ideal choice for those who want a short refreshing escape near Ermoupoli, just 5 km from

Syros Beach Boulgari

Boulgari (or Voulgari) beach

Voulgari beach is a picturesque beach between Poseidonia and Foinika, with rocks and stones along the coast, but also in

Syros Beach Delfini

Delfini beach

Delfini beach is located 11 km from the capital of the island north of the village of Kini and is

Syros Beach Fabrika

Fabrica beach

The golden Fabrika beach takes its name from the pottery factory that used to operate in the area. It is a

Syros Beach Foinikas

Foinikas beach

The beach of Finikas is a beautiful beach shortly after Poseidonia inside a huge protected golf. It is a favorite destination,

Syros Beach Galissas

Galissas beach

Galissa beach is one of the largest and most popular beaches of Syros. It is a fully organized beach that offers

Syros Beach Kokkina

Kokkina beach

Ta Kokkina is a small not organised beach opposite Psathonisi, sheltered from the winds, 1.5 km of dirt road away

Syros Beach Komito

Komito beach

Komito is a beautiful beach in the south-west of Syros, just 1 km from Poseidonia and 15 km from Ermoupoli,

Syros Beach Lotos

Lotos beach

Lotos Lotos beach is a small beach located in western Syros, almost next to Kini. Passing by the beach of

Syros Beach Megas Gialos

Megas Gialos beach

The sandy beach of Megas Gialos is located in the south of the island, 12 km from Ermoupoli and is

Syros Beach Megas Gialos / Ntalara

Megas Gyalos – Ntalara beach

The narrow sandy beach is located in the south of the island, 12 km from Ermoupoli. It is offering easy

Syros Beach Santorinioi

Santorini beach

The picturesque Santorini beach is located in the South of Syros between Azolimnos and Vari, just 6-7 km from Ermoupoli

Syros Beach Vari

Vari beach

Vari is one of the largest villages and the oldest of Syros . It is located at the south-eastern end of the island and is